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Today in the article we will talk about what is stretching, what benefits it brings to the body, and also you will learn a few cool exercises.

To the body was healthy, the head – fresh, and well-being – good, you need sports (read my article sports and health ). Sooner or later, most people come to this idea, who are concerned about the quality of life. However, it is often not easy for beginners to figure out where to start moving towards health. You need something simple, suitable for all ages and any level of preparation. And those who have already chosen for themselves the type of occupation, it should be remembered that the muscles and joints must be elastic to take the training load.

Now everyone knows what stretching is. So, they call exercises aimed at stretching joints and muscles, increasing flexibility, as well as relaxing and relieving tension after a grueling workout. In simple words, this is an extension. If you are interested in stretching, I also recommend reading about Pilates.

Stretching is represented in two types of exercise complexes. A small set of different motions for stretching is needed as a warm-up before power or cardio training and is highly desirable as a workout after.

A separate lesson can last about an hour and is aimed at improving posture, strengthening the muscular corset, developing general flexibility, and the ability to balance.

Efficiency and benefit of stretching

For a body that has experienced and felt Bulgarian lunges, the benefits will be unquestionable and obvious. A person engaged in stretching, breathing is deep and full, thoughts are calm and focused on the correctness of the situation, blood flows to the muscles…




It is not surprising that after such biceps curl, such a pacification is felt. It has something from yoga, but without an ideological component that scares off many. Thus, a combination of calm movements and almost meditative statics is also successfully accepted by those who are far from Indian philosophy.

Especially like this kind of training for women, and not for nothing. For example, the exercise, when the upper body slowly rises on the hands from the prone position on the abdomen, can alleviate menstrual pain. And, in the end, what kind of woman does not dream of sitting on a string? And it is quite feasible in a couple of months of intensive stretching. Do you dream of sitting on a string?

Acquired in the process of stretching flexibility will be very useful and in dance classes that help a lot of girls to keep themselves in shape.

For men, stretching is mandatory after strength training. It will help stretch your muscles, which will improve their flexibility and reduce the likelihood of injury.

The technique of execution. General recommendations

For constantly practicing stretching exercises over time become more complicated. For beginners, however, for stable motivation and belief in one’s strength, one should start with simple movements. And yet, although it is considered safe and suitable for almost everyone, there are certain rules and recommendations. They are made not in vain – if some exercises are not properly performed, there is a risk not only of getting stretched but even of tearing the ligaments. Therefore, when you are in the gym, you have to listen to the coach, and at home – to control your movements yourself.

The body will tell you when the stretching is already unnecessary, the main thing is to listen attentively to it. It helps with a concentration on the part of the body that stretches at the moment. If you imagine how muscles stretch, how blood flows to them, how they warm up, how the joints strain, it will be much harder to hurt yourself. It is conscious stretching – the key to successful pursuits.




Proper breathing is no less important. Every exercise should begin with inspiration, except for inclinations – they must be performed on exhalation.

Do not hold your breath, let it be slow and as deep as possible. This is facilitated by the smoothness and slow movement.

In some types of stretching, sharp jerks are practiced, but it is the prerogative of experienced athletes who know how to avoid injuries. At usual stretching exercises are carried out calmly and measuredly. It is here that there is a significant emotional benefit. After all, this type of exercise calms down by itself, clarifies thoughts, gives peace, and all problems, albeit briefly, go to the background.

How to stretch?

For the training to bring the desired effect, you must follow a few basic rules.

  • Before you start stretching, you need to warm up the muscles: run a little on the spot, dance, ride a bike for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Breathing during exercise is required deeply and measuredly, through the nose. Sharp inhalations and exhalations should not be allowed: smooth breathing helps to stretch the muscles and helps prevent injuries. You need to inhale, starting the movement, exhale, ending it.
  • Clothing for classes should choose comfortable so that it does not restrict movements. These can be leggings and a T-shirt made of high-elastane fabric or loose cotton items.
  • It takes 15-45 seconds to stay in a static position, in which the muscles are tensed, no more. Then comes relaxation.
  • Each exercise should be done three to four times.
  • When practicing, you need to focus on your sensations in the body: it should be nice, you should feel that the muscles are stretching. The appearance of pain suggests that it is necessary to reduce the amplitude of movements.
  • If shortness of breath occurs during the lesson, and the pulse becomes more frequent, you feel dizzy, you need to stop the training and consult a doctor in the coming days.
  • Having finished the exercises, you should not proceed to strength training or hard work: the muscles need to be allowed to relax, otherwise, there will be an overstrain.
  • Experienced stretching trainers recommend stretching three to four times a week, and eventually switch to daily training, having a weekend two or three times a month. It is advisable not to take long breaks: this levels the achieved result.
  • You need to train regularly, otherwise, there will simply be no effect.
  • Do not wait for quick results: everything comes gradually. Sitting on the twine, for example, will take about six months.

Does stretching burn fat

At this time of total tension and haste, the ability to relax the body and mind is worth a lot! And to achieve such relaxation in the classroom, you need to do the exercises correctly. In the general case, one takes 10-30 seconds.

Having taken the necessary position, it is necessary to wait until the tension in the muscles disappears. Do not go too far – tenderness should be avoided. Pleasant sensations from the stretch indicate that everything was done correctly.

As in any class, one of the most important recommendations is regularity. The load at the stretch is not very high, therefore, no matter how intensifying the intensity, to maintain the shape, it is necessary to engage constantly. For example, do it every morning in the form of charging.

I recommend to sit down on the floor before the beginning of the exercises and relax for 1 minute all muscles, release the mind, and only after that start the exercises.

Variety of species

Having understood what stretching is, and have come to the conclusion about the benefits of such activities, a beginner sports lover often faces a choice problem. Still – because there are several types of stretching for different purposes and levels of training.

We also recommend a list of exercises with dumbbells.

For example, passive stretching involves the participation of a partner or coach, who makes efforts to keep the muscles in suspense. With active stretch, a certain posture is held by the force of your muscles. Active isolated stretching involves the development of certain muscles apart from others. For more effective isolation, special equipment is often used in the form of an elastic band, but the usual rope or belt will do.


Passive stretching
Passive stretching


The most common static – exercises in this version of it take from 30 seconds to several minutes. Muscles tense and stretch under the weight of the body. The main thing is to stay in a certain position for a given time. In time this will start to work out. With dynamic stretch, slow, controlled limb movements are supposed to be designed to maximize muscle stretch.


Static stretching
Static stretching


Another kind of stretching – ballistic – is used only by experienced athletes and dancers, because for a beginner, it can be dangerous injuries. Here uncontrolled, sharp movements are used – swings and slopes in maximum amplitude.




Isometric stretching involves alternating muscle tension to near limit and relaxation. This alternation is also used with proprioceptive neuromuscular stretch, but it involves the participation of a specialist who controls the correct contraction and relaxation. This option allows you to achieve a greater stretch, but it is not recommended for cores and hypertensive patients.


Isometric Stretching
Isometric Stretching


A selection of stretching exercises

Experienced coaches advise some very effective poses and movements that are easy to perform on their own without fear of injury.




Stretching exercises
Stretching exercises


– First, you need 2-3 times to reach out with your hands, standing on your toes. Then in a smooth slope with straight legs try to reach the floor. Tilt hold for 10-15 seconds.

– The next exercise is to reach out with your left hand down the left leg to the tension on the left side. Hold in this position for 10 seconds, repeat in the other direction.

– Exercises on the back – you need to alternately pull your knees to your chest, and then raise your straight legs to the maximum height.

– An excellent option for stretch – a bridge, but it can not work out right away and require outside help.

Of course, the options for stretching exercises are great, and it is better to select a complex under the guidance of a coach. However, the independent study of information and its reasonable and cautious application will make it possible to achieve the effectiveness of this most useful kind of gymnastics.


I advise you to get acquainted with this interesting video, which shows more than one stretchexercise, and take some of them to your program:


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    1. There are some best stretches that would be good for you. You need to do it for 15 to 30 seconds each side 1 to 3 times. These are Quad Stretch, Hamstring Stretch, Thigh Stretch, Hip Stretch, Chest and Shoulder Stretch, Upper Back Stretch, Bicep Stretch, Tricep Stretch.

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