Bench press with a narrow grip – description in detail

Bench press with a narrow grip

Bench press with a narrow grip

Bench press with a narrow grip, picks up the top of all triceps heads, chest top and front deltas. Strengthens the strength, volume and density of the triceps. Basic exercise.

Pressing the bar with a narrow grip is perhaps the most effective exercise for stimulating the growth and development of the strength of the triceps arm muscle, especially its upper part. In addition, the press with a narrow grip thoroughly iron the top of the chest and the front head of the deltoid muscle.

In powerlifting, the bench press is used to increase the result in bench press. The work of the muscles and joints, characteristic of the bench press, is characteristic of boxing (direct blows to the body), gymnastics (exercises on bars), morning running, American football and hockey (pushing away the opponent).



Technique for doing the bench press: Pressing the bar with a narrow grip lying

  • 1. Place a horizontal bench under the bar racks so that, when you lie on the bench, the bar is strictly above your head.

Lie down on a bench. Slightly bend in the lower back, but make sure that the head, shoulders and buttocks are firmly pressed to the bench. If there are no bar racks, then you will need a partner who will serve and accept the bar.

  • 3. Grasp the griffin grip on top. The distance between the palms should be less than the width of the shoulders. How much? It depends on the type of the neck and your ability to keep the loaded bar in balance.


Bench press with a narrow grip
Bench press with a narrow grip


  • 4. Squeeze the bar up and completely straighten the arms. The neck should be exactly above the neck.
  • 5. Take a deep breath and, holding your breath, lower the bar to the bottom of the chest.
  • 6. As soon as the neck touches the chest, do not stop, and immediately begin to press the bar up.
  • 7. Having overcome the most difficult site of lifting of a bar, with exhalation squeeze a bar.
  • 8. As soon as the arms are fully straightened (the top point of the exercise), take a short pause and try to strain the triceps as hard as possible.
  • 9. Make sure that during movement elbows move strictly along the sides, they are always directed forward and do not part ways. Bending of hands occurs exclusively in the vertical plane.
  • 10. The pace of the exercise is moderate.
    Press bar with a narrow grip lying – muscles

Tips: Press the bar with a narrow grip lying down

  • 1. Perform a press narrow grip at the very beginning of training triceps, on the “fresh” muscles. So you can load them with a really shock weight. Keep in mind, the working weight in presses narrow grip is much higher than in all other triceps exercises.
  • 2. Hold the neck firmly, not allowing it to bend neither to the right nor to the left. To do this, taking the original position, once again make sure that the palms are located at the same distance from the center of the neck. To facilitate the task of keeping the bar in balance, use the EZ-neck.


Bench press with a narrow grip
Bench press with a narrow grip


  • 3. Do not stop at the bottom. This will immediately shift the focus of the load from the triceps to the muscles of the chest. Immediately begin to press the bar up, just the barrel will touch the chest. However, in no case do not push the bar with your chest.
  • 4. It is extremely important to hold your breath while lowering the bar and press, until the moment when you will overcome the most difficult part. This helps to develop a powerful effort and firmly fix the spine in the correct position.
  • 5. Do not arch your back to help yourself squeeze the whole body. This is dangerous for the spine and in no way increases the strain on the triceps.
  • 6. If you take the neck too narrow grip, then, lowering the bar, you will involuntarily raise your elbows to the sides. This not only reduces the burden on triceps, but also fraught with loss of control over the bar. Remember: the longer the bar, the wider the grip must be to keep the bar in balance. Therefore, we recommend using a short neck.
  • 7. On the bench, make sure that the neck is just above your face. When you lifted the bar from the stops and squeezed it up (the starting position), the neck should be above the neck. Lower and press the bar on a wide arc, one end of which is located at the bottom of the chest, and the other – just above your neck.


Mistakes in the narrow grip chest press

They lead to a deterioration in the result of the exercise and increase the likelihood of injury:

  • Do not lift your heels off the floor while doing the exercise.
  • The shoulder blades must be reduced, otherwise an excessive inclusion of the muscles of the trapezoid is obtained.
  • Do not push your forearms and hands back.
  • Hesitate before doing the exercise, be sure to work in insurance.
  • Do not take sharply too heavy weight, increase the load gradually.
  • Do not tear your pelvis off the bench

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