Secrets of proper nutrition to get rid of the stomach

get rid of the stomach

get rid of the stomach

The problem of tummy is relevant enough for today, agree with me, friends? Today we will talk about such a burning topic: “How to eat right to remove the belly with a proper nutrition.” The topic is quite interesting, and I’m sure you will learn a lot from it, namely: what is the subcutaneous fat, how to lose weight, without straining, and what foods to use to find a beautiful body.

I want to say that the “puziko” can be like that of guys or girls, but this is not a verdict. There is an expression: “If you can correct your mistake, then this is not an error.” Well, or “If the problem can be solved with the help of money, then this is not a problem, but expenses.” Of course, you do not need to spend a lot of money: you just have to rebuild your food, replacing some products with others and normalizing your diet.



Belly and why it is formed

At once I will tell, that your hypodermic fat is fast carbohydrates which we all use together with food. But those who have fat deposits, eat fast carbohydrates more than the body needs to provide itself with energy.

Consequently, the body constantly converts fast excess carbohydrates to subcutaneous fat by many processes. The body is stored.


Bad nutrition
Bad nutrition


He “thinks” like this: if there is an opportunity to stock up with nutrients, why not? Moreover, you yourself constantly contribute to this by eating a lot of foods rich in fast carbohydrates: bakery products, sweet, pastry dumpling products and stuff. But do not confuse fast carbohydrates with slow ones, which are often called beneficial. Read the article, what foods can not eat when losing weight. Read the article about exercises on simulators for girls.

For information, if you eat food rich in protein, slow carbohydrates and useful fats, then the problem with excess weight, most likely, will not arise at all. The fact is that for the conversion of these three organic compounds into subcutaneous fat, the body needs a lot of energy, and such costs are unprofitable for it. He follows the path of least resistance – fast carbohydrates.

Therefore, be attuned to the fact that you have to reduce the amount of consumed carbohydrate products.

How to remove the stomach?

This article will be especially useful for those who do not want to visit gyms or fitness centers, working on themselves before the “seventh sweat”. Looking ahead, I will say that by balancing your diet, you will spur your body to correct the situation on its own. How to do it?


Thick and thin stomach
Thick and thin stomach


First. As mentioned above, you will need to change the ratio of basic organic compounds in favor of proteins or slow carbohydrates. The lack of fast organism will begin to draw from its stocks – those same deposits on the stomach or in other places.

The second. Wean from the three meals a day that we have been imposed since the times of the Soviet Union. There people worked physically, which contributed to the burning of fat. Today, very many are office workers or have a sedentary job, that is, work with the head and no physical activity.

Therefore, eat more often, but in smaller portions: this promotes better digestion of food, does not cause a large outflow of blood to the stomach from the brain, so it does not cause drowsiness, it forces the body to use nutrients as efficiently as possible, without putting it in “secluded places”.

Third. Do not drink food (you can, but a little, that is, a couple of sips). Drop the habit of drinking tea, milk juice, whatever you like, right after eating. This negatively affects the digestive system and the quality of food processing. As a consequence, the occurrence of fermentation in the intestine, the failure of other organs such as the liver or kidneys.

Diluting liquids in the stomach, thereby removing the load from the stomach and shifting it to the intestines, which is not intended for this. All of the above affects the deposition of excess weight, because everything in the body is interrelated.

Food for you!

As already mentioned, you will need to focus on protein foods or foods rich in slow carbohydrates.


Get rid of the fat
Get rid of the fat


Protein food is: dairy and sour-milk products, nuts, meat, fish, soy, chicken eggs, seeds of some plants such as sunflower or pumpkin. If I missed something, then you can add to this list yourself.

Food with slow carbohydrates: cereals and cereals (buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, wheat, millet, etc.), pasta from durum wheat, many different fruits, berries and other fruits.

Useful fats: do not mix fat with oils. Useful fats are like fats, contained in olives or olives, I do not know what else to cite as an example. A small amount (up to about 5-7% of the total amount of food) of healthy fats promotes better digestion of food, positively affects the functioning of the digestive system and other systems.

What should be avoided. For sure in the diet of any of our people there is a potato in any form of cooking. Love fried potatoes? So – will have to significantly reduce the reception of potatoes, because its starch base for action is similar to fast carbohydrates. Do not you want your stomach to grow?