Isolated exercises for the buttocks in the gym for girls


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Perhaps all the women of the world would not refuse to have a slender, well-proportioned figure. This result is achieved both in the complex and in targeted training for individual muscle groups. Read on if you are interested in pumping the buttocks.



Exercises for health and beauty

Swollen and flabby muscles do not add to the attractiveness of people, and the issue of pumping the buttocks is especially important for girls when exercises for the buttocks it comes to appearance. Examining the gluteus muscle, you will achieve not only an ideal figure, but also improve the body. The main muscle responsible for the shape of this part is gluteal. It integrates with the muscular corset back and helps support the spine, participates in the process of walking, urination. Doing exercises to inflate the priests, you will get such pleasant bonuses as a straight posture and a magnificent lumbar bend.
The work on the muscles of the buttocks is quite complicated, pumping muscles without simulators during exercise there is a great risk of pumping other muscles that are of no interest at this stage. In order not to get such an undesirable effect, it is necessary to strictly observe the technique of performing each training.


exercises for the buttocks
Isolated exercises for the buttocks in the gym


One of the issues that often worries the girls is the place where the classes are held. So, where to conduct classes, in the gym or at home? For many, home training is more preferable, however, high-quality sports equipment can occupy a significant part of the living space.

Classes in the hall are free of this shortcoming. You can, under the supervision of a professional trainer using the latest equipment, bring the buttocks into an ideal shape.

To see the first results, it is necessary to train hard for at least a month. Do not feel sorry for yourself, buttocks should just burn with tension. Remember, you do this only exercises for the buttocks for yourself. Effective exercise will increase the amount of muscle around the buttocks, remove the hated fat and manifestations of cellulite.

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Listen to your own feelings, if you observe clicks or clamps in the joints, after training they hurt and swell, then the warm-up is best done using a treadmill, an exercise bike and an ellipse in the gym. Finish the workout can be a series of attacks, without using at the same time burdens. If the last exercise you managed to perform without difficulty, then you are absolutely ready for the loads using the simulators.

Training buttocks

The vast majority of exercises in the hall aimed at gaining muscle mass in the buttocks and hips, correcting their shape, are carried out using free weights: bars, weights, dumbbells. To start the process of hypertrophy of the gluteal muscles, it is necessary to remember the golden rule – a complex approach, the squats alternate with attacks, mahas.

The squat

The squat is the best exercise for working the legs and buttocks. Beginners may see this training as simple, but there are a lot of nuances that must be taken into account so as not to harm the body. Especially this statement applies to squats with weights, so at first it is worthwhile to execute them under the control of the coach. In the process of lowering, make sure that the foot is pressed all the way to the floor. Deep squats, in which the hips fall below the parallel with the floor, are not recommended by specialists and a special effect for pumping muscles will not bring.


Exercise for working the legs and buttocks


When lifting, strain not the front surface of the thighs, but the gluteus muscles. Over time, the number of squats should be increased to 8-10 repetitions in 4-5 approaches. This complex can be resorted to 1-2 times a week.


When doing a deadlift for beginners, it is better to use dumbbells. So you arrange the blades in the right way and provide the necessary deflection in the lumbar region. Take dumbbells with your hands, maximally remove the scapula and, taking your ass, begin to bend forward.

Lower the trunk is necessary until the trailing sensation appears in the hips. During the exercise, use not lumbar muscles, but gluteal muscles.

The deadlift is very effective in pumping the buttocks, it will help not only to strengthen this part, but also to increase the mass, if necessary. If you stick to the execution schedule, you will notice a steady growth of the forms. Do the complex at least once a week.

Breeding hips

This isolating exercise involves an exceptionally large gluteus muscle. To perform, it is necessary to occupy the position on the simulator, completely placing the pelvis on the seat and leaning on the back. Press the outer part of the hips to the posts and the thrust of the gluteal muscles spread the legs to the sides. After reaching the critical point, take a exercises for the buttocks pause for a few seconds, return your legs to the starting point. Knees and ankle do not move when performing. It is important not to make jerks, the whole process should be slow, smooth. If the exercise causes excessive stress, then reduce the working weight. Perform 4 sets of 20 repetitions.


Modern fitness programs for girls are full of various options of attacks. However, strength training, aimed at pumping the buttocks, provides for the implementation of back attacks. Many coaches recommend the technique of static attacks using the platform.


exercises for the buttocks in the gym
Exercises for the buttocks in the gym


To make attacks in the gym, you can use a fitness step, the height of which should not be more than 20 centimeters. To complete the training, stand with your back to it and kick your foot into the platform. In this position, lower, until the hip of the front leg takes a parallel position. With the help of the gluteal muscles, return the body to the starting point. The leg that is on the platform does not move. Do this training every other day 12-16 times in 2-3 approaches. If you want to work not only the buttocks, but also the legs, then in addition to static attacks can perform classic.

Retracting the legs

Leaning your foot in the machine, fix the brushes on the handles – so you can achieve balance. The second leg rest on the platform. Slightly exercises for the buttocks bending your legs, start pushing the lever back and up. Do not unbend the leg completely, try to give the thigh position parallel to the floor.

This training is final. Ideally perform it in 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Do not believe the advertised magic promises of correction of the buttocks. Exceptional work in the gym will bring you the desired result as quickly as possible.