Exercises on simulators for girls for beginners

exercises on the simulators

exercises on the simulators

Regarding this topic, I will tell you what specific exercises on the simulators can be used for beginners or to lose a couple of kilograms, I’ll tell you what the principles of weight loss and classes at the initial stages differ. In general, read to the end. I’m sure you’ll like it.

Gym or gym is, in the understanding of ordinary people, synonyms. But if you look from the perspective of a professional, there is a difference. But not the essence. The main thing is that any such institution abounds with various devices for working out the entire musculature of the body, which is successfully used by both boys and girls. So why do not you try to achieve your goals using simulators?



Training apparatus

Note that under the simulators do not understand all the sports equipment, located in the sports center (complex), but only simulators. What are simulators? – These are specially designed devices that have a complex design, possibly – lever or roller mechanisms.

In short, the simulators include block, gak trainer, Smith simulator, treadmills and ellipsoids – all that is aimed at the development of man in physical terms.


Exercises on simulators for girls
Exercises on simulators for girls


By and large, barbells, dumbbells, weights and other weights (free weights – not attached to any design) can also be attributed to the simulators, but still this concept will not be entirely appropriate. At us after all as? If you say “simulator”, then immediately pops up the association with something else, not with a barbell, for example. If someone will argue, then answer me to the question: “Is a horizontal bar a simulator?”.

A tourniquet, bars, bars and so on are sports equipment, and simulators are complex mechanisms. In the dumbbell, for example, there is nothing difficult – a piece of metal.

I lead to the fact that in this article I will describe the exercises for the most part precisely on the simulators, but also the exercises with free weights will also mention.

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Exercises on the simulators

Since the article is aimed at girls, I will proceed from this. Girls do not need a powerful body, like men, but need a beautiful, appetizing, evocative figure. I’m right? This applies to beginners in terms of classes, and those who decided to lose weight. Therefore, I will describe the exercises in descending order of their importance.

  • Exercises in the Smith simulatorIn this device you can do sit-ups with a different setting of the legs (wide stand, narrow, classical, legs forward, sumo rack), lunges, deadlifts (“dead”, normal). These are the most functional exercises.



Exercises on simulators for girls

Exercises on simulators for girls


Further in Smith, you can make traction in the slope, shags, presses sitting (from the chest and from behind the head), slopes. But these exercises are aimed at the development of the trunk and hands, which is not very necessary for women, I think. Although it’s worth a try.

  • Press the legs in the hack machineThe range of exercises here is small, I would say – it’s limited: just press the feet. But you can safely change the nature of the loads and affect the specific zones of your legs and priests. Foot press can be done with different stops on the platform: wide, narrow, medium, legs together at the top, legs wide at the bottom – that is, whatever you like, press at least one foot.
  • Makhi feet in the simulators (leg leads)Here, as you understand, you can take your legs in different directions, training hard-to-work areas and muscles – the inner thighs, the ass and the biceps of the legs.
  • Breeding the legs in the simulatorHere you can do just one exercise, but it is very rare and quite effective.


Breeding the legs in the simulator
Breeding the legs in the simulator


  • Flexion and extension of the legs in the block simulatorThey perfectly complement the training program on their feet, stimulating them to more fat burning or to strengthening.
  • Pushing in front of you (press forward sitting) in the simulator. An excellent way to develop triceps and pectoral muscles.
  • Butterfly” or the folding of bent hands in front of the chest. Exercise is an excellent addition to the complex of exercises on the chest and triceps.
  • Extension of hands in the block simulatorAdditionally, grinds your triceps muscles, causing them to burn more fat or become stronger.
  • The traction of the upper block to the chest and behind the headExcellent exercises, simulating pull-ups and developing the upper part of the trunk. The width and method of grip can be changed depending on your preferences: a wide, narrow, reverse grip.
  • The traction of the lower block to the bottom of the abdomenA good and simple exercise for the development of the muscles of the back and hands.

Additionally you can use: treadmills, elliptical trainers (orbitreki), simulators for the development of the press, steppers, lifting on socks standing or sitting in the simulator.

In today’s article does not fit all the variety of exercises and simulators, which allow you to train not only muscle groups, but also individual muscles. Therefore, please forgive me if I did not bring your favorite exercise in this list.




Exercises with free weights

For legs and priests: squats with a barbell, deadlifts, dumbbells, dumb-bells, squats with dumbbells.


Exercises with free weights
Exercises with free weights


  1. For oblique abdominal muscles (sides): tilts with dumbbells in the sides or with one dumbbell in the sides.
  2. For the chest and triceps: the bench press is lying (on a level bench, at an inclination and under a negative slope, with a wide, narrow or medium grip), a dumbbell bench press with a different bench position, dumbbell laying, French bench press (standing or lying) with dumbbells in the slope or from behind the head.
  3. For the back and biceps hands: rod rod in the slope, shaggy barbells or dumbbells, pulling dumbbells with one hand in the slope, bending hands with dumbbells or with a bar, pulling the bar to the chin while standing.
  4. For the shoulders: press the barbells or dumbbells from the chest and from behind the head, swing dumbbells forward, sideways, sideways in the slope.

For the press and waist, inclined benches.

Tips for slimming and beginners

For weight loss, your task is to increase the consumption of calories. This is achieved by reducing weight on the simulators, but increasing the intensity (pace) of the exercise, the number of approaches and repetitions in one exercise (6 to 8 and 15 to 25, respectively). This is a fundamental difference from the technique for beginners.

For beginners, I would advise not more than 3 approaches for 6-8 repetitions in one exercise. The pace is average. This will be enough to strengthen the body and get into shape.