Exercises for men to get rid of subcutaneous fat from the abdomen

get rid of subcutaneous fat

get rid of subcutaneous fat

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Theme of today’s article is directed especially on them: “How to clean subcutaneous fat from a stomach to the man”. In addition to providing the most effective exercises for fat burning in the problem zone, I will also give some more valuable recommendations on how to make your torso more beautiful.

Statistics five years ago says that 25% of the population of the United States of America is suffering from obesity. In the CIS countries, of course, the figure is not so impressive, besides, ordinary men with excess weight on the stomach can hardly be considered obese. But, nevertheless, – the problem of excess weight is, and it needs to be solved, and the means to solve this problem are, roughly speaking, in your hands.



Features of the deposition of subcutaneous fat in problem areas

Our body can be called smart, because in the vast majority of cases, it puts off excess nutrients (so to speak, “for a rainy day”) in those places on the body, where the probability is most unlikely that you will move these places, and, therefore, organism. He does not need this, so he chooses a less active zone. In this case it’s the stomach.

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Well, for example, you travel a couple of kilometers every day to work and work, which means that the buttocks and legs are not suitable for the realization of reserves in the body. Upper part of the body? When walking, you work with your hands, at work, too, perhaps, the work of hands, which means chest and back, is present. Also does not fit. The stomach and sides remain. Such a scheme can be used to calculate other “weaknesses”, but it is unlikely that it can be applied to everyone – we are all individual and everyone can have different reasons for the deposition of subcutaneous fat in one place or another.

What you need to know in order to quickly lose weight

I hasten to disappoint you a little, but some exercises will not be enough for a quick result. No, I’m not saying that there will be no result at all, but it would be much easier to adhere to the additional recommendations below.


Get rid of subcutaneous fat
Get rid of subcutaneous fat


Less eat fast carbohydrates. Completely they can not be excluded, and it is not necessary, but to cut them costs, because they are the primary cause of accumulation of fat. The body simply turns the excess of these carbohydrates into human fat and, as I said, procrastinates, just in case – suddenly there will be a famine, but it has not been prepared.

A common phenomenon is that in addition to fat on the stomach there is also a stretched stomach, which begins to press on the trunk corset and stick out – simply the belly seems bigger, this is not a pathology, do not worry. Therefore, I advise you to 4-5 times a week to swing the press. Exercises, I’ll give below. This is necessary in order for the muscles to become stronger and to maintain their belly in the correct form without their tension.

If you decide to study at home, then before the session as a warm-up, use the run, but not less than half an hour (or a walker ). It is for such a time that subcutaneous reserves start to be actively burned, or rather after 20-25 minutes of running.

If you are exercising in the gym – can use treadmills or elliptical trainers in the same time range. Exercise bikes are also suitable, but it is better to give preference to other aerobic exercise machines.

Eat an hour and a half before the start of classes (this does not apply to the reception of sports nutrition, except for the geyner – it generally should not be consumed at this time).

In addition to exercises for the press, use also exercises on the sides, because the oblique muscles are also part of the abdomen. It happens that the fat deposits from the sides slightly shift to the lower back. Then extensions and hyperextensions help you.

Exercises to reduce fat on the stomach

Be sure to run – this can also be attributed to the exercise, to the first exercise of your training. Or devote enough time to motor activity – fitness, aerobics, fast sports dances, swimming (but not measured, but leading to rapid breathing).


Fat percentage
Fat percentage


Exercises for the press

If you are a completely unprepared person, then the first lessons begin with the usual flexion and extension of the trunk. Fix your legs (or ask your friend to hold them). Further you can start the complicated exercises: the press on the incline bench, the army flexion / extension of the trunk. These were general exercises. Now let’s go through the specific departments of the rectus abdominis muscle, that is, the press.

For the lower department

The lower part of the press is well toned up by running. Also, it is perfectly toned by lifting the straight legs: lying on the floor (not lowering the legs on the floor itself), sitting on the floor (the body is tilted back by 45 degrees, the back is leaning against the bench, for example), in the vis on the bar (here the legs can be lifted like the crossbar itself, and up to the horizontal position) or in the pore on the uneven bars.

If you have difficulties with these exercises, we resort to more simplified options – pulling the knees to the chest: sitting on the floor (the body at 45 degrees, the back is elbows), in the vise on the crossbar or on the beams on the bars.

There is one more exercise, but it is a bit difficult to implement: an assistant will be needed: you lie down on the floor, straight legs raise your companion right above your head and throw your straight legs away from you forward and to the sides. Your task here is not to lower your legs to the floor and lift them every time after reclining.

For the middle and upper divisions

We use an inclined bench. Sit on not, fix your legs, put your hands behind your head or cross over your chest. We perform flexion and extension of the trunk with turns to the sides. That is, after each rise up you make a turn, for example, to the left. They went down, went up, turned to the right. So the whole approach. You can also use the usual twists: lie on the floor, hands behind the head, and rise until the shoulder blades are torn off the floor a bit. Repeat all over again. This exercise can be complicated by raising both knees upward.

Exercises for the sides

Do slopes with dumbbells in the sides (you can both with one dumbbell, and with two at once). Lateral twists will also be appropriate. Also more technically challenging is the exercise “bicycle with a turn of the trunk”. Sit on the edge of the bench, lift your feet forward and start them impromptu on the bicycle pedal. Simultaneously, start from side to side with your body torso (hands behind your head).