List of exercises with dumbbells, developing all muscle groups

training with dumbbells

training with dumbbells

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Separate muscle groups need to be pumped on separately taken trainings with dumbbells. But are there many of you who have heard of training the whole body in one training session?

Today I suggest that you read the material on “Exercises for all muscle groups with dumbbells.” The article contains specific exercises, as well as related recommendations for training all muscle groups in one training session.

As I said, I promote the idea that you need to train on a “split” (separate) system. That is, specific muscles in specific occupations. But the work on the whole body in one lesson is more specific. Therefore, I immediately want to warn: the results of pumping muscles, increasing strength or endurance, gaining relief in this case may be somewhat inferior to lessons on the “split” system. No, the result will be, and with due diligence – rather big. Perhaps, even such an approach will achieve more. But it is necessary to take into account the worst. In short, let’s get down to business.



The nature of training for all muscle groups with dumbbells

If the “split” of the program can be safely attributed to the power, then the program, designed to train the whole body combines a strong and fortifying nature. That is, at first you will work directly on your physical qualities with small scales (to get used to physical activity, to go through the stage of the strength and pain after training), and after that you can count on mass gain or the acquisition of the relief (detailing) of the muscles.


Training with dumbbells
Training with dumbbells


Agree, it would be strange, if you start with the first classes immediately to lift large weights. And how many times would you lift dumbbells, say, 7 kg each? How much would you stand this pace? Two? Three workouts? So first, familiarize yourself with the technique of doing exercises, work it out for yourself, get used to certain weights, the number of approaches and repetitions. All this is more effectively determined by the training diary.

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To all of the above, I can add that dumbbells though are weights, as well as different bars (and the exercises are very similar), but there are differences.

Be aware that by lifting the 100 kg barbell (for ease of calculation) in a bench press, you can not do the same with dumbbells weighing 50 kg each. It seems that the weight is the same, but with dumbbells it will be much more difficult, because in the first case it is a one-piece projectile – you work for its push all over with one body – and in the second – it’s two separate, and the hands work independently of each other. A similar picture with other exercises such as army bench press, traction in the slope and others.

Program of training for the whole body

To obtain a significant result, this program must be repeated continuously for 3 months. The program consists of one workout, and the main burden is dumbbells. About a month later, you can increase the weight of dumbbells in each exercise.

For men

  1.  Press of dumbbells lying: 2 to 10-12.
  2.  Dumbbell press sitting: 2 to 10-12.
  3. Dumbbell cultivation in the side lying (“wiring”): 2 to 8.
  4. Lifting dumbbells in the sides standing (mahi): 2 to 8-10.
  5. Lifting dumbbell in the sides standing in a slope: 2 to 8-10.
  6. The deadlift with dumbbell (you choose the stand yourself): 2 to 10-12.
  7. Romanian (“dead”) thrust of dumbbell: 2 to 8-10.
  8. Thrust of dumbbell in slope: 2 to 10-12.
  9. Shaggy with dumbbell: 2 to 10-12.
  10.  Slopes with dumbbell in the sides: 2 to 15-20 on each side.
  11. Rise to socks with dumbbell standing: 2 to 15-20.

Completion of the training: French press dumbbells from behind the head standing, pullover with dumbbells, pulling dumbbells to the chin, exercise on the press with dumbbells – all perform 2 sets, each with 10-12 repetitions. Weight is selected for each exercise independently.


Dumbbell bench press
Dumbbell bench press


Possible substitutions of exercises: deadlift can be replaced by squats with dumbbell, pulling dumbbell in the slope can replace the same dumbbell thrust with each hand alternately, the usual press of dumbbell can be replaced by bench press at an angle or at a negative angle.

For women

  1. Press of dumbbell lying: 2 to 10-12.
  2. Dumbbell press sitting: 2 to 10-12.
  3. Lifting dumbbell forward standing: 2 to 8-10.
  4. Lifting dumbbell in the sides standing in a slope: 2 to 8-10.
  5. Squats with dumbbell: 2 to 10-12.
  6. Falls with dumbbells (standing or in motion): 2 to 8-10.
  7. Dips with dumbbells forward: 2 to 8-10.
  8. Thrust of dumbbells in slope: 2 to 8-10.
  9. Shaggy with dumbbell: 2 to 10-12.
  10. Slopes with dumbbell in the sides: 2 to 10-15.
  11. Ascent to the toes standing with dumbbell: 2 to 15-20.


Exercises for women
Exercises for women


Completion of the training: straightening the arm with dumbbells standing in the slope (for each hand), exercises on the press with dumbbell, jumping out of the dumbbells – perform 2 sets of 8-12 times.
Possible replacements: squats can be replaced by deadlift, the slopes forward can be changed for Romanian traction, lifting dumbbell to the sides in a slope to the same lifts, only lying on the bench face down.

Recommendations from the author

Dear users. You can change this program for yourself: increase or decrease the number of approaches and repetitions, replace exercises with similar ones – not listed in the program, even as a replacement. To supplement (expand) other exercises: on the forearms, for example, on the back or triceps. There are a lot of them, but you can not just squeeze everything into one program. All this I say because everyone has a different level of training, and universal programs simply do not happen. Therefore, I repeat – after a month of classes you can safely remake this program for yourself.

Increase the weight permanently. This will allow you to progress. Stretch at the end of the session and warm up at the beginning – this is mandatory.

Well, I have everything for today. If you liked the exercises for all muscle groups with dumbbells, then be sure to share them with your friends on social networks or leave your thoughts in the comments. Do not forget to subscribe to the blog updates.