How to train endurance at home?

train endurance at home

train endurance at home

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well-developed physical qualities – it’s great, especially if it’s strength and endurance. It is for these two qualities that one can say whether a man or woman is strong. But not everyone can develop endurance, for example, if they are at home.

Good afternoon, dear readers. The theme of this article is ” Exercise for endurance at home “, and in it you will learn what exercises to use for the development of endurance and what conditions you need to create for this.

Such physical quality as endurance you for certain associates now with run. I’m right? Yes, you are partly right, but you can become a hardy person without running at all, and even a respiratory system will be better developed than an ordinary person (usually the developed “breathing” is directly related to the increase in the quality we are discussing today).

What can we say about such a constant companion of this quality, as the detailing of the muscles or the relief of the body – they go “shoulder to shoulder”, if I may say so. Therefore, when you rely on endurance in your studies, you pursue more than one goal, as it seems to you, but several at once. And that is great.



What conditions is needed to train at home

First of all, prepare an inventory for classes: it can be dumbbells bought in sports stores, belts with sand inside (weighting on legs, arms and torso), rubber expanders, rubber bundles eventually (bought at a pharmacy), or self-made weights – about them I say almost every article that deals with home conditions. Prepared what you have to deal with?

If not, and you plan to deal with the resistance of only your own body (for example, pushing yourself off the floor, doing rear push-ups on stools, pulling up on the bar), then this is also not bad. I’ll tell you a little further on how to proceed in this case.


How to train endurance at home
How to train endurance at home


Well, for now, let’s move on to one of the leading problems of this article – what you need to do to become hardy. Read the article about deadlift for men.

Never wondered why guys (or girls, not important) from the gyms do a certain number of sets with a certain number of repetitions in each? Why not more or not less? Why so much? But because a certain number of repetitions and sets corresponds to the development of either physical qualities or the body itself.
So for the development of power, powerlifters use from 1 to 5 repetitions in 3-4 approaches, bodybuilders for mass – from 6 to 12 in 4-5 approaches.

But those who want to get dry (“elevator” or bodybuilder) – from 15 repetitions and more in 6-7 approaches. It may seem like a lot, but do not panic, friends, ahead of time. In all these cases, the weight of the resistance of the weights is different. The aspect that interests us has sports equipment resistance of 50-60% (and even less) of the maximum weight, which you can do only once.

And then we smoothly approach one more important moment. Before starting home classes, you need to know what weights and what exercises you can raise at a time at this stage. To do this, go to the gym and devote one workout to this, always recording your results.


Bending of hands with dumbbells
Bending of hands with dumbbells


If there is no such possibility, then do the following at home: do exercises (which you plan to develop endurance) and watch closely how many repetitions you can make in one approach. If more than 25, the weight of the weighting is small, if less than 15 – too large, If you can do only 15 repetitions in 4 approaches (instead of 6-7 necessary), then you need to reduce the weight of the weights. You will need about one lesson to do this.

If I have a little overloaded with information, here’s the abbreviated version:

  • do 6-7 sets in each exercise, no less than 15 repetitions (this is the minimum);
  • use weight in 50-60% of the maximum;
  • rest between the approaches from 30 seconds to more than a minute – no more, and between exercises
  • one and a half to two minutes;
  • frequency of classes 4-5 times a week;
  •  duration of employment from 45 minutes to an hour – do not bend, but also will not give much results;
  • the pace of classes is fast;
  • Eat more protein, slow carbohydrates and healthy fats;
  • Get enough sleep.

Exercise for endurance

I will not re-discover America or reinvent the wheel. Nothing new for you, perhaps, I will not say right now, but the truth is that for the strength or endurance the same exercises are used – the only difference is that I just described: the number of sets, repetitions and so on. It is these parameters of the training that allow you to train the muscles, developing in it the ability to work long hours.

Moreover, for women and for men – these are the same exercises. Except for the fact that in men attacks are not popular, but for women pulling up on the bar.

Therefore, boldly use different pressures – standing, lying, sitting; pull-ups – a wide grip, the reverse, for the head; drafts – in an inclination, stanovymi, to a chin; squats – with weights, without them.

Among the isolating exercises you can use: straightening the arm with dumbbells in the slope, bending the arms with dumbbells, French presses standing or lying down, slopes with the weighting forward, tilts with dumbbells to the sides, squats “plie”. The list is very wide.


French Press
French Press


In addition, there are exercises that can be done without additional equipment. Push-ups, squats, jumps. Can not fully recover 6 * 15? Press the knees after failure. Can not squat so much? So do not squat so low when there is no strength.

If it’s about pull-ups, then pull yourself up from the chair (with the feet on it, not tearing them away) or with the anchor attached to the bar – get your feet on it, and when tightening it compresses and thereby helps you.

In short, improvise, adapt, because home conditions are not rich in simulators.


The main thing in all I said – the observance of conditions for endurance, and exercises – is secondary. If you liked my work, then I ask you to share it with your friends on social networks. Well, do not forget to subscribe to blog updates and comment. All the bullish strength and endurance of Wolverine.