Biceps Curl: Features, Benefits, Proper Form And Technique

Biceps Curl

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Among athletes, biceps curl is a popular training, which is why they perform: old and young, with the same zeal for men and women. But, high popularity does not at all guarantee the observance of the correct technique: each athlete performs the exercise in his own way, introducing his own highlight. How to properly perform the lifting of dumbbells, we will analyze, starting with a muscle atlas.

About muscle atlas

For the does stretching burn fat of muscle groups, exercises with free weights, to which biceps curl belongs, are more productive than isolation training. In biceps curl the biceps muscle of the shoulder is loaded. It not only stimulates the biceps, but also loads the muscles of the forearms.

Muscular ensemble members:

  • targeted muscles – biceps;
  • synergists – brachial (brachialis) and brachioradial;
  • stabilizers, which include: the middle and top of the trapezoid, the levator of the scapula, flexors of the wrists, front deltas.

A view of the full muscle atlas is shown in the picture:

Dumbbell curl | Гимнастические упражнения, Бицепс и Упражнения для ...

Barbell Bicep Curl Benefits

Lifting dumbbells for athletes provides these benefits:

  • double-headed isolated study; an increase in hands in volume;
  • increased strength of biceps and mass;
  • the creation, using special technology, of the peak biceps;
  • eliminates in the development of the muscles of the left arm and the right imbalance;
  • multivariance.

What is important to know about technology

Despite the simplicity, the technique of dumbbell curls has nuances, knowing which you can approach the goal in a short time.

Preparatory step.

  • Take dumbbells. You need to stand up straight, arms bent at the elbows and holding your elbows close to the body.
  • The gaze is directed in front of you, the press is tense.

This is the starting position.

First step.

  • Take a breath.
  • Then, exhale and lift the dumbbell, using the contractions of the biceps muscles.
  • Turn the projectile slightly clockwise until it reaches shoulder level (the top of the trajectory).
  • Now you need to tighten the brush on yourself by performing supination.
  • In this position, squeezing the biceps, hold on for 2 counts, then slowly lower the dumbbell on the inhale to make subsequent repetitions.

Biceps Exercises Variations

Lifting Dumbbell Biceps

There are many variations on lifting dumbbells. Some of them, used more often than others, are listed below:

  • sitting and standing;
  • lying on a bench;
  • with two hands at the same time or alternately;
  • on a bench;
  • in a Scott machine with a supercompensation.

Barbell Curl Important Nuances

To make dumbbell curl more productive, do not forget about the recommendations:

  • throughout the path along which the weight moves, tension should be maintained in the biceps;
  • the weight is forbidden to “throw” down and “throw” up (do not cheat);
  • the use of inertia is not allowed;
  • incorrectly, while lifting the dumbbell, tilt the body to the side;
  • keep your elbows closer to your body;
  • do not extend your arms completely;
  • it is recommended to do 8-12 repetitions in 3-4 sets;
  • after each set, stretch your biceps.

What To Choose: Seated Dumbbell Curls vs Standing Dumbbell Curls

The classics of the genre are considered the first option. And in gyms often use it. But, athletes do not know that exercise exercises performed on the bench at an angle of 45 degrees are more productive. This was established through studies of muscle electrical activity during training using various options.

The data obtained proved that the “seated” option is more productive than the “standing” one. Maybe this is due to the fact that while doing a lifting projectile while sitting, the biceps are stretched more than when the athlete is standing, so the muscles are worked out better. In any case, the use of different angles and shells is the basis for training the biceps muscle.

Why The Supination Is Needed

Narrow grip chest press with a standard emphasis is on working out the muscle fibers of the lateral head, and supination at the final upper point helps to capture the muscles of the medial part. In addition, the hand extension includes the brachialis, which is located under the biceps muscle, when lifting the dumbbells to the biceps, and also helps to increase the peak of the biceps (it pushes it up).

It is important that in the upper position, for the full development of the biceps, you should try to make the rotation with the shoulders, during which the palms are turned to the ceiling.