All about catabolism

what is Catabolism

what is Catabolism

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Most advanced bodybuilders know such a thing as catabolism. Catabolism in chemistry is the process of decay of substances. In bodybuilding, this term is concretized to the destruction of proteins.
Catabolism should be avoided as much as possible.
Consequences of catabolism is weakness and a tendency to injury. Your metabolic processes slow down, the amount of calories that you burn in a calm state decreases. Do not forget that to maintain the muscles in the form require enhanced training, a healthy and well- balanced diet , as well as the absence of stress.



Proteins in your diet

Approximately twenty percent of your daily caloric intake should come with proteins. To obtain a sufficient number of proteins, you should include in your diet meat, mushrooms, fish, beans, dietary poultry. Do not forget about dairy products. In addition to proteins, they also contain calcium and vitamin D.


Proper nutrition against catabolism
Proper nutrition against catabolism


Fats in your diet

Another twenty percent of calories from your daily diet should be fats.

A warning! Do not eat a lot of saturated fats or in other words animal fats. Eat fatty fish, it has a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids. They help speed up the turnover of muscle protein and avoid catabolism.


compliance with fats in the body will save from catabolism
Compliance with fats in the body will save from catabolism


Eat vegetables and fruits

In your diet must be fruit. Eat vegetables. They contain a large number of useful for digestion cellulose and the minerals necessary for our body.

And regular consumption of fruit in large quantities fills your body with vitamins. Fruits and vegetables have a lot of fiber. Thanks to her food is digested slower and calories are used on demand, so do not be put off in the form of fat.

Attention! Before the next steps, consult your doctor or dietitian.

To improve the quality of training for its completion, you should use a mixture of carbohydrates and proteins. Such a mixture will help you to recover faster and restore the amino acids destroyed by heavy loads. Quickly replace the destroyed amino acids – less muscle catabolism will experience.

Exercise correctly

Do not tear your body with loads on every workout. For this, there are special stress training, but they should not be more than once in three weeks.

Personally, we advise you to increase the weight you lifted no more than 1 time in three workouts. In this case, the more weight, the longer our body must adapt to lift it with minimal damage to muscle tissue.

The correctness of the exercises is also very important. If you do not observe the technique, there is a high chance of damaging the muscles and joints. If it has happened such a situation that the muscle or muscle group was damaged, then the training should be stopped until they are fully restored. Get rid of muscle pain after training!


training from catabolism
Training from catabolism


Hormones of catabolism

Catabolism hormones also lead to catabolism of muscles. These hormones include cortisol, glucagon, adrenaline, etc. They help the body to synthesize energy in a stressful situation. They do it in any possible way, even so radical as the destruction of proteins and muscle tissue. The synthesis of these hormones occurs during stress. Accordingly, avoidance of stress helps to avoid excessively high catabolism. But what does our body perceive as stress? Lack of sleep, excessive physical activity, starvation, dehydration, severe emotional shocks (including both strong negative emotions and excessively strong positive ones), as well as changes in the environment.

All these factors provoke stress and, as a result, increase catabolism.

To minimize catabolism, we advise you to follow such key rules:

      1. Sleep. A full eight-hour sleep helps restore lost amino acids during exercise. In addition, scientists came to the conclusion that the most qualitative growth of muscle tissue occurs in a dream, at a time when your body is as relaxed as possible.
      2. Eat well and drink water. A full-fledged diet is NEEDED for restoring muscle tissue and maintaining the body in a healthy state. A liquid helps to transport nutrients to muscle tissue.
      3. Do not overexert yourself. Your muscles should work, but do not wear out. Muscles should have time to recover, otherwise their growth is greatly slowed down.
      4. Try to avoid excessive emotional shocks. Do not forget, strong emotions = stress . Stress = catabolic hormonesCatabolic hormones = catabolism.

We figured out what catabolism is, why it’s bad and how to avoid it. It is necessary to understand that catabolism is quite a natural process, to stop which is completely impossible and not necessary. Rather, it is necessary to minimize catabolism in muscles, because it interferes with the growth of muscle tissue. In moderation, play sports, eat, sleep and avoid stress in a balanced way. Follow our advice and have a beautiful and healthy body!